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Executive Committee


Officers Officers may be reached at
Ian Greene, Co-President
Charmaine Courtis, Co-President
John Lennox, Past President
Steve Dranitsaris, Secretary
David Smith, Treasurer
Members at Large
Bruno Bellissimo
Jane Grant
Gabriele Hardt
Ed Lee-Ruff
David Leyton-Brown
Billie Mullick
Patricia Murray
Savitsa Sevigny
John Wilson
Michele Young
Ex-Officio Members
Anne-Marie Ambert
Fred Fletcher (ARFL & CURAC)
Donna Smith (AUCP)
Board/Committee Representatives
All University Committee on Pensions -

Donna Smith
Pension Board of Trustees -

Bruno Bellissimo
Retirement Centre Planning Advisory Board -

Ed Lee-Ruff
Newsletter Editor
Anne-Marie Ambert