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Bursaries, Awards & Donations

Bursaries and Awards

YURA endows three awards: two for undergraduate students, The William W. Small Award and  The YURA Mature Student Bursary, and the.Graduate Student Award.


Once a year, the co-president of YURA write to members encouraging them to consider making donations to the bursary funds, graduate scholarships, or some other worthwhile project.  The payment forms provided for YURA by the Division of Advancement usually indicate that the contribution is for some specific cause, but members are, of course, entirely free to specify some other cause, in which case they can state their choice elsewhere on the form.

Donations to both these awards and to other endowment funds or special projects may be made at any time through the Division of Advancement, West Office Building, York University, 4700 Keele Street, Toronto, ON, M3J1P3.

Additional Information on giving and programs within the Division of Advancement can be found at the following address: