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Programs And Activities

Through the efforts of its volunteers, YURA offers a number of events and activities for members, and their spouses/partners, throughout the year.

YURA Showcase and Sale, held each November on the York campus, which provides members with an opportunity to show off their hobbies or small business activities
Theatre trips in the spring and fall to the Stratford and Shaw Drama Festivals
Past excursions have included: guided walks about historic areas of Toronto, bird-watching excursions a steamboat ride and luncheon on Lake Muskoka, a visit to a garden centre in southern Ontario, group visits to galleries or archives and other activities of general interest
The Gourmet Dining GroupĀ organizesĀ group meals for dining at local restaurants serving a wide range of ethnic foods. Past dinners have included meals at Russian, Chinese, Indian and Greek restaurants
YURA members receive detailed information by electronic mail and/or postal services.

YURA welcomes suggestions for new events. To offer suggestions or help with organizing events, please contact the YURA office.

Telephone: 416-736-2100 ext. 70664