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The Mature Student Bursary

Description of award
This bursary was originally established in 1992 on the initiative of Bill Small (in whose honour the William W. Small award was later created).  The intention was to provide one annual award of $500 from donations made each year by YURA members.  The award was to be made through Atkinson College.  Later, as contributions grew, bursaries were increased first to two awards at $500, and then to two at $750.  Once the William W. Small award was instituted, this original bursary was reduced to one annually at $750.  This was to allow contributions to build up to the point where they could form an endowment, providing one or more annual awards in perpetuity from the 5 per cent annual interest.  With the endowment now reaching $56,700, two awards are once again offered each year.

The original terms were also modified in light of experience, firstly to expand the criteria and later to offer awards through York University as a whole, including, but not limited to, Atkinson College.

Criteria for award
An award is provided annually by YURA to a mature student in financial need in any undergraduate faculty at York University including Osgoode Hall Law School.  The candidate must have Canadian citizenship or previous residence in the province of Ontario, and must demonstrate financial need.

Amount of award
The amount of the award is generated by the annual income of the endowment fund.