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Establishing direct communications with its members is a major objective of the York University Retirees Association.  To this end, YURA utilizes:

  1. this web site;
  2. mailings concerning specific subjects such as membership renewals;
  3. YURA Newsletter published four times a year detailing news and items of interest; Ann-Marie Ambert is the editor.
  4. Person-to-Person, a monthly online mini-bulletin, that allows YURA members to obtain and offer useful and practical information from and to other members on a wide variety of topics that my be of interest or of help. Anne-Marie Ambert is the facilitator of PTP.

The YURA list serve allows members to receive immediate updates regarding retirement issues, timely announcements related to program activities, opportunities for volunteering, and other matters of current interest.  Members who want to receive communications electronically should ensure that YURA has their current email address.

Members who do not have access to the internet or prefer to receive communications by post must notify the YURA office, and print copies of communications will be mailed out to them.